Why swaddle?

Why swaddle?
A crying baby is not fun.  We speak from experience.  When you’ve tried feeding, rocking, bouncing and everything else, and you don’t get anywhere, infant irritability can make you feel like you’re losing your mind.  An inconsolable baby can lead to marital stress, depression, and even breastfeeding failure.  Being a swaddle company, we feel it’s our job to tell you why swaddling is beneficial to your baby (and you!). Besides looking adorable all bundled up like a pea in a pod, there are actual benefits to swaddling.  We’re here to tell you why!
    • Swaddling your baby can reduce crying.  The swaddle helps babies feel snug and warm, leading to calmness and quietness.
    • Swaddled babies sleep longer.  Babies who are bundled up in a swaddle are less likely to wake themselves by their startle reflex.  Studies have also shown that swaddling can increase REM sleep, and make it more difficult for a baby to wake up when roused.  
    • Swaddling can help postpartum depression.  Studies have shown that infant crying and a mother’s fatigue are common triggers for PPD.  Because swaddled babies sleep longer, mothers can get more rest.  And those few extra hours of sleep make a huge difference.
    • Swaddling reminds parents to place babies on their back when sleeping, which is an essential part of eliminating the risk of SIDS.  Swaddling can also help maintain the back sleeping position.  Not only that, but parents may be less tempted to place their babies on their tummies while sleeping if their baby is sleeping soundly in a swaddle.
    • Swaddling soothes babies with colic.  When babies are swaddled, feeling of being in the womb is emulated, which makes babies feel safe and secure.
    • Swaddling can promote breastfeeding.  Studies have shown that infant crying and mother’s fatigue can lead to premature cessation of breastfeeding.  Because swaddling reduces infant crying, and can reduce exhaustion in mothers, moms may be more encouraged to continue trying to breastfeed.
  When babies sleep more, moms and dads sleep more too!  This can take stress off of a marriage and create a happier household.  So swaddle away!