Mom In A Box

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Mom In A Box

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Mom life is a tough life. Outside of perfect Instagram squares filled with happy babies, iced coffee, and other things moms like to take pictures of, there’s a lot of baby puke (or toddler puke), sleepless nights (obviously), huge messes, and a whole lot of exhaustion. If you’ve got a tired mama in your life, chances are she could use a little pick me up. And not like a coffee pick me up, more like a “hey, here are some things not related to babies that might make you feel good” pick me up. Read on for 3 items that, when combined in a box (preferably a cute one), equal a super thoughtful little gift for a mom you know. We call it, Mom In A Box!

Mother's Day Gift
People working super hard on Mom In A Box ideas whilst eating patries
  • Essential Oil Diffuser - You can get these relatively inexpensive and they are most certainly worth it. Here is my favorite. Couple this with a small bottle of lavender essential oil (which has relaxing properties) and take credit for having the best Mother’s Day gift. Or you could get her a super nice and fancy diffuser that you control with your iPhone because SHE’S DEFINITELY WORTH  IT.

A mother and her pup who just turned on her brand new essential oil diffuser

  • nügg Pods - Yup. Just keep reading. Let’s not pretend like the moms in our lives have time to take baths, so this article does not include bath salts or scrubs, or any of that crap. But, there are nügg Pods. Little spas in individualized cups. nügg makes facemasks that, in my opinion, actually work. As a mom of 2, my skin is not great. There is no “skincare routine” for me outside of splashing water on my face and then collapsing on my bed until one of my children inevitably wakes me up from my peaceful slumber at an ungodly hour. But, every couple days I do a facemask from nügg and it really does wake my skin up. Even my oblivious husband has unpromptedly complimented me on my skin looking “less bad” after using one of these facemasks. My favorite is the black charcoal and deep cleansing.

Mother's Day Gift

nügg Pods will have you feeling like this fabulous woman

  • Hey Girl Sleep Tea - Hey Girl has a few really great herbal teas and their Sleep tea is a favorite. It has natural sleep aid components and is also meant to help relieve stress and anxiety. Chances are, the mom in your life has a hard time sleeping. She’s either anticipating the waking of one of her children, is worried that one of them in trying to injure themselves while she’s asleep and not able to protect them, or is thinking about one of the 1 million things that people depend on her for and how on earth she will stay on top of all of it. And any mom who tells you she’s not stressed is lying to you, has full-time, live-in help, or is Beyoncé. And the only reason Beyoncé doesn’t feel stress is because she’s a creature beyond our understanding. Sip on some Hey Girl Sleep Tea to get a little bit closer to Beyoncé status.

Mother's Day GiftWoman who just realized she's out of Sleep Tea

There you go! Mom In A Box. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for the practical mom who needs to take a load off.