Sleep In A Box

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Sleep In A Box

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Sleep In A Box!

I mean, don’t sleep in a box, but if you know a new mom/dad/person who has a new baby, chances are they aren’t sleeping much. As a bystander, you may feel at a loss for how to help. Until the Robin Hood of Parental Energy finally shows up to steal energy from kids and give it to their exhausted parents, 2 we can do are a) offer to help or b) give helpful gifts. Here are 3 items when, used together, have a good chance of lulling that fussy baby of theirs to sleep. We call it, Sleep In A Box.

Parent SleepingTired mother who was able to shower and sleep in a photogenic pose thanks to Baby Goes Here's Sleep In A Box suggestions

  1. Sound Machine: These handy devices are essential to calming a baby. I speak from experience when I say that if you “shush” into a baby’s ear when they are freaking out, chances are they will calm down. The problem is that no one wants to stay up all night shushing in someone’s ear (or do you?), so the good people of the world invented sound machines, which do it for you. Here are my favorites:

Sleep Sheep: First off, adorable name. Secondly, not only is it a sound machine, but it is battery operated so you can bring it with you in the car, or on a walk, or wherever it is you need to go. The actual sound machine is buried inside of a stuffed animal, which definitely vibes well with everyone’s Pinterest-worthy nursery and the not-so-staged-but-also-heavily-staged Instagram photos of one’s newborn peacefully sleeping on a perfectly white bedspread from Anthropologie whilst holding a flower or some other strange accessory.

Baby Shower GiftThe adorable Sleep Sheep

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise: A little on the expensive side but 100% worth it, this all-in-one sound machine will grow with your baby. As I’m sure you’ve guessed from the name, it is a sound machine, a night light, and for those restless toddlers, an “okay to wake” clock. You can control sound, the light, and timers with your iPhone so you never have to creep into your sleeping baby’s room to change a setting and risk waking them up.

Sleep In A BoxHatch Baby Rest 

Baby Shusher: This sound machine literally sounds like a person saying “shush”, which sounds a little creepy when you first hear it, but it is super effective. It is small and battery operated so you can take it with you anywhere. My 7 month old instantly calms down when I obnoxiously "shush" in her ear, and this is a lifesaver. 

Sleep SuggestionMiracle Baby Shusher
  1. Pacifier: I love a good pacifier. My own babies will instantly fall asleep when given one which has proven to be a great tool during important phone calls or 3am freakout sessions (from the baby, not me). There are way too many brands of pacifiers, from regular old Soothies which you can find at Target, to organic pacifiers which are literally made out of trees.

Soothie: Good old Soothies are the basic pacifier. They’re cheap, they work, and you can get them on Amazon.Sleep Solution

Good Old Soothies

Wubbanub: Wubbanubs are just Soothies pacifiers with little stuffed animals attached. They are useful because it adds a little weight when your baby is sleeping on their back, so it’s more likely to stay in their mouth, and for older babies it’s easier for them to grab and put back in their mouth if it falls out. Stuffed animal choices can be anything from a dog, to a moose, to a lobster.Sleep Solution

Adorable yet strange Wubbanub

EcoPacifier: These pacifiers are made from actual rubber trees. They are all one piece, so it’s less likely that dirt or germs will get caught and grow in it. They are BPA, phthalate, and paraben free, so they’re a great gift to give to a new parent who is afraid they are going to ruin their baby with hidden chemicals in baby products.

Sleep Solution

  1. Baby Goes Here Swaddle, obviously: What good would this article be if I didn’t suggest our handy Step-By-Step instructional swaddle? This swaddle is a perfect gift because chances are, new parents are going to be overwhelmed. There is a lot of information thrown at them, and a lot of websites (and meddling relatives) who will insist on one thing or another when it comes to calming their baby, and our swaddle eliminates some of that. You never have to remember how to swaddle because the instructions are right there, and it’s easier to leave baby with a babysitter knowing that one of the sacred 5 S’s of soothing your baby is laid out in front of them in our swaddle. Our swaddle has a bit of a stretch to it so it’s easier to wrap a baby tightly while still giving them room to breathe (literally), and is made in the USA so parents can rest-assured that there are no scary chemicals hiding in the fabric.

Sleep SolutionContent Baby Who Loves Their Baby Goes Here Swaddle And Nothing Else

And there you have it! These three items combined will undoubtedly lead to a sleepy baby and happy parents, and you’ll be a hero. Congrats!