Wee love weeSpring and we'll tell you why

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Wee love weeSpring and we'll tell you why

We were recently reviewed by weeSpring.com and I'd like to take a moment to give a quick shout out to what is a great resource for moms and moms-to-be. 

Baby SwaddleMe, constantly talking to everyone about baby products

As a mom of 2, I have now twice done the dirty work of sifting through baby product blogs and websites, trying to find the perfect mobile, the best sound machine, the softest crib sheets, and most importantly, products that were backed by actual moms. Sometimes you scroll through websites and learn that the strollers or cribs and whatnot are just non-researched suggestions, put out there by someone who is only trying to get traffic to their website, but does not believe in the product they are suggesting. The products and services I suggest on my own website are items that I truly believe in and use myself, which is why I am devoting an entire post to weeSpring.

baby website swaddleActual photo of a mom-to-be surveying all of the baby product review sites she has to sift through in order to find 1 quality product

At weeSpring, you can look up a huge range of baby products and read reviews by actual moms. The quantity of reviewed items on their site is incredibly extensive and goes beyond just the baby years, so personally, I'll be using weeSpring well past the diaper days (do they ever end though?). 

baby swaddle baby goes here

Adorable girl who definitely has to pee but won't admit it.

A quick email and password gets you access to literally thousands of baby and kid items with legitimate reviews from actual mothers. You can read reviews, write reviews, and even add items to wishlists. You will find Baby Goes Here and our swaddles under "newborn necessities." Below is the link. Get to exploring!