How Minimalism Can Help Your Family Be Happier

How Minimalism Can Help Your Family Be Happier

Minimalism is the art of living with less. Not depravity, but only living with the things that provide value to your life. It’s living intentionally and eliminating the noise from your life - whether that’s material objects, too many weekend plans, or something else cluttering your life.

Minimalism with children might seem difficult. They have toys, they grow out of their clothes quicker than you can box them up, and they are messy. Weekends are filled with playdates, extracurricular commitments or get-togethers you probably don’t even want to go to. Because parents are distracted by their kids, they may not be paying attention. Things pile up, they accumulate, and before you know it, you have a messy, cluttered house on your hands and not enough time to take care of it. Weekends are spent organizing, cleaning, and stressing about how you have so much to organize and clean.

It’s been proven that clutter causes stress and anxiety - specifically in women. It’s possible you’re stressed everyday by the clutter you see in your home everyday. Do you dread the weekend knowing you’ll spend your Saturday cleaning? Do you feel a twinge of anxiety when you look at cluttered counters and closets?

More time outside in nature is an easy, simple way to help kids get creative

Minimalist principles can help you rid yourself if these feelings.

You may be asking “how?”

    1. When you keep only the essentials in your home, you are surrounding yourself with only things that bring you joy. By intentionally choosing what you bring, and keep, in your home, you are choosing to create a positive environment for you and your family.
    2. Meaningless, useless things clutter your mind and waste your time. You are automatically less stressed when you eliminate things in your home that cause you anxiety (a cluttered drawer, a growing pile of laundry, a messy closet, etc.).
    3. Less things means more time with family. When you have less to clean up, you have more time to do the things you enjoy. Imagine Saturday spent doing a family activity instead of cleaning and straightening up all weekend.
    4. A simplified playroom keeps your children occupied and creative. This may seem counterintuitive, but studies have shown that kids who have a small amount of toys play for longer and more creatively than kids who have an abundance of toys. Children are better focused when they have less toys.
    5. You save money. When you stop spending on meaningless objects or overpriced children’s activities (I see you there, Soccer For Two Year Olds), you start saving. When you start saving, you have more money for things you enjoy - such as vacations or it may even lead you down a path to financial independence. The possibilities are endless.
    6. Decluttering will help you be healthy. Studies have shown that people with messy and cluttered homes are 77% more likely to be overweight or obese. By simplifying your life, you can stop stress-induced weight-gain and become a happier, healthier parent.

Spend less time cleaning and more time doing this

While the task can seem daunting, Minimalism is possible for families. There are no rules and you make it work for your family. The goal is simplicity and an easier path to happiness. Lower stress levels for Mom and Dad mean lower stress levels for the household, which leads to happier kids.