6 Tips On Making Stay-At-Home-Momming (or Dadding) More Efficient

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6 Tips On Making Stay-At-Home-Momming (or Dadding) More Efficient
We’ve all been there.  You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you hadn’t been there, and we wouldn’t be writing it.  The days when you’re too busy to change out of your pajamas, you’re all eating out of plastic containers because you didn’t have time to do the dishes since your kids woke up early from their naps, and you’re late to the playdate you organized when you were feeling more rested and optimistic.  If you’re looking for a way to minimize your household chaos, we may have some tips.  
  • Stick to the schedule.  The schedule is everything.  Children sleep better and are happier when they are on a consistent and predictable routine.  They get more sleep and have a better temperament when they’re awake.  When kids stray from their schedule, they tend to sleep less (and unfortunately a baby who misses their afternoon nap usually doesn’t sleep longer at night) which means less time for parents to get things done.  When children have a predictable pattern to follow, so do Mom and Dad.
  • Get up earlier.  Speaking of schedules, Moms and Dads should get themselves on a schedule as well, starting with getting up earlier.  It seems more intuitive to wake up when your children wake up, as you get more sleep yourself that way.  When you choose to wake up before your kids, you are starting your day intentionally.  You have time to start your own morning routine, prep for your day and gather your thoughts before the day begins.
  • Delegate your tasks.  This means for your partner AND children.  While it’s a great idea, it’s impossible for one parent to “do it all”.  You can run out of gas quickly and you may end up resenting your partner.  It’s completely acceptable to give your children age appropriate tasks to do and chances are your kids will be excited to help and be involved.  Including your kids in your daily tasks is a great way to help turn your home into a well-oiled machine.  A surprising amount of time can be saved when your child can put away their own toys or make their bed.
  • Prepare the night before. Prepare lunches, make your to-do list for tomorrow, lay out clothes that everyone will need the next day and tie up loose ends from the day.  This will allow you to get a head start for the next morning, so you can wake up with a clear plan for the day.  End your nightly preparations with a glass of wine.
  • Don’t say yes to new plans right away.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with plans.  It’s okay to say “I’ll have to check my calendar” and decline someone’s request - and don’t feel guilty about it!  You have to think about what works best for you and your family’s schedule.  If you pile plans on top of plans, you may neglect other important aspects of your day or your kids may end up getting off their schedules (see point #1 above).  The best way to stay efficient is to make sure than plans work for you before trying to appease someone else.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If you’re feeling run down or tasks keep piling up and you don’t see an end in sight - don’t hesitate on asking someone to help out.  If you have family in the area who can babysit for an afternoon, take them up on it.  Reach out to friends for a good babysitting recommendation.  If all else fails, many indoor playspaces have wifi.  You can plop your kid down and let them explore while you knock things off your to-do list.  Win-win!
What are some ways that YOU making staying at home work for you?